Notices of Proposed Amendment information

Agency Rulemaking Process

1 Drafting and adoption of the Rulemaking Programme 12 Months
2 Initiation of the rule development by defining the Terms of Reference 2-6 Months
3 The drafting of the rule 3-18 Months
4 Consultation phase 1-3 Months
5 Analysis of comments and final review 2-6 Months
6 Adoption and Publication 2 Months

Comments are welcomed by the Agency on the following Notices of Proposed Amendments (NPAs).

A Member State can request - not later than two weeks prior the expiring of the consultation deadline - an extension of the consultation period for translating the NPA at its own expenses. Such an extension may not exceed the time of 1 month in order to avoid delays in the rulemaking process.

The Agency has developed a Comment Response Tool (CRT) that will be used to automate the consultation process for Notices of Proposed Amendments (NPAs). The CRT allows users to review NPAs and place their comments.

Rulemaking proposal

Any person or organisation may propose the development of a new rule or an amendment thereto. More information via Rulemaking proposals.