Standard Scenario (STS)

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What is an STS

The European Standard Scenario (STS) is a predefined operation, described in Appendix 1to Regulation (EU) 2019/947 that will become applicable from the  1st January 2024. It is one of the various possibilities for the operators to start their operations.

An operator is not required to obtain an operational authorisation to conduct an operation covered by a STS. So it should be first checked if the operation can be accommodated under an STS. If it is so, then submitting a declaration to the NAA of the state of registration is sufficient.

Are there any STS already published?

Two EU STSs have been published so far;

  • STS 01 – VLOS over a controlled ground area in a populated environment;
  • STS 02 – BVLOS with Airspace Observers over a controlled.