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Comment Response Documents information

Agency Rulemaking Process

1 Drafting and adoption of the Rulemaking Programme 12 Months
2 Initiation of the rule development by defining the Terms of Reference 2-6 Months
3 The drafting of the rule 3-18 Months
4 Consultation phase 1-3 Months
5 Analysis of comments and final review 2-6 Months
6 Adoption and Publication 2 Months

Comment Response Documents document the feedback received during the Consultation phase (or Notice of Proposed Amendment phase) of the Rulemaking Procedure. They provide explanatory notes on the Consultation phase, and provide the Agency's response to this feedback. They are published here for a given Comments and Review period (phase 5) which ends on the Closing Date of Publication. After this phase, the Rulemaking Procedure enters the Adoption and Publication phase.

The Agency has developed a Comment Response Tool (CRT) that is used to automate the consultation process for Notices of Proposed Amendments (NPA) and Comment-Response Documents (CRD). The CRT allows users to review NPAs and place their comments.

In case the use of CRT is prevented by technical problems these should be reported to the crt [at] (CRT webmaster) and comments sent by email instead.