ADS-B certification

This publication provides recommendations and examples, further to the applicable regulation, certification specifications, and AMCs. They have no legal value and are only advisory.

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Should I choose CS-ACNS, or AMC 20-24 as part of the certification / compliance basis for installation of ADS-B (for a new TC or a change to a TC/STC)?

What are the differences between CS-ACNS and AMC 20-24 regarding requirements for ADS-B?

Should a change to type design installing ADS-B out capability be classified as Minor or Major?

What does the Continuity requirement imply and how is Continuity calculated?

Our analysis show that the Continuity meets the Implementing Rule / AMC 20-24 requirement, but not the CS-ACNS requirement.

Is a dedicated ADS-B failure annunciator required in the instrument panel?

What are the requirements on the GNSS source?

Can a standalone GNSS receiver (i.e. a receiver not used for navigation) be used as position source, for input to the transponder, to meet the ADS-B mandate in Europe?