NPA 2024-03

Regular update of CS-ETSO
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This NPA proposes to introduce new or updated standards for parts, taking into account the principles of efficiency and harmonisation.

The objective is to maintain the high level of safety by:

  • recognition of the latest industry standards (e.g. EUROCAE Documents (EDs), Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics Documents (RTCA DOs), or other);
  • harmonisation with the corresponding Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Technical Standard Orders (TSOs);
  • incorporation of new ETSOs;
  • amendments of existing ETSOs;
  • introduction of new guidance material for Subpart A.

The proposed regulatory material is expected to offer more possibilities for EU applicants to obtain ETSO authorisations and to align CS-ETSO with the state of the art and with European operational requirements.

The proposed amendments are expected to ensure a level playing field for European manufacturers and increase the cost-effectiveness of compliance demonstrations.