NPA 2023-10

Review of Part-147
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The objective of the proposal in this NPA is to eliminate or reduce fraud cases in examinations conducted by Part-147 maintenance training organisations (MTOs) for the obtention of aircraft maintenance licences. It also intends to ensure an adequate language proficiency for the trainer and students. Lastly, it aims at improving the structure and readability of Part-147 while ensuring a greater consistency with the other Annexes to Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014, in particular in relation to the oversight principles.

To achieve these objectives, Part-147 is reviewed to a great extent, proposing a more robust organisation set-up, introducing measures and mechanisms for fraud prevention and requirements for the language proficiency, aligning competent authority requirements with those of Part-CAMO and Part-145, and addressing miscellaneous shortcomings in the approval of MTOs.

The proposed regulatory material is expected to increase the overall safety in the EU maintenance licensing system. The changes are expected to improve organisational processes and to ensure delivery of better-quality training activities.

NPA 2023-10 is divided in two parts. The present NPA 2023-10 (A) includes the background information pertaining to the regulatory proposal. NPA 2023-10 (B) includes the proposed amendments.