NPA 2021-14

Development of acceptable means of compliance and guidance material to support the U-space regulation

The objective of this Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) is to maintain a high level of safety for unmanned and manned aircraft operations in the U-space airspace.

This NPA proposes acceptable means of compliance (AMC) and guidance material (GM) to the U-space regulatory package (Regulations (EU) 2021/664, (EU) 2021/665 and (EU) 2021/666).

Due to the novelty of the subject, it is important to provide the necessary means for the implementation of the above-mentioned Regulations as regards:

  • the concept of a U-space airspace and its management by the Member States (MSs) in terms of risk assessment and responsibilities;
  • the dynamic reconfiguration of the U-space airspace, when applied;
  • the operational functioning of the common information service and the certification process for both the providers of this service and the U-space service providers (USSPs);
  • the technical specifications and related performance requirements for the different U-space services;
  • the exchange of all data and available information between the participants of the U-space airspace;
  • the definition of relevant standard(s) for the connection to the common information service provider(s) to ensure interoperability and uniform implementation across the EU;
  • detailed procedures and performance requirements for the flight authorisation services;
  • the acceptable means for manned aircraft to be conspicuous when entering the U-space airspace in uncontrolled airspace;
  • the expected coordination with local authorities, the security aspects to be covered in a specific U-space airspace, and the authorities’ oversight programme as well as any other task related to the management of the U-space airspace under their responsibility.

This proposal is expected to help in maintaining safety as regards operations of unmanned and manned aircraft in the U-space airspace and improve harmonisation among MSs as regards the provision of U-space services.

In support of this NPA EASA conducted the feasibility study concerning the suitability of use of mobile telecommunication technologies for making manned aircraft electronically conspicuous in U-space as required in the Commission Implementing Regulation 2021/666 of April 22, 2021.