What should you consider when getting drone insurance?
A drone flying against a building

When you are out and about flying your drone, something can go wrong and accidents can occur. 
As an operator you are responsible for anything that might happen. By having drone insurance, you provide coverage for the operator's liability in case of damage to third-party property or injury to other people as a result of your drone operation. Getting drone insurance is not only a good idea, in some cases it's even mandatory. 

Legal requirements for insurance

The EASA Drone Rules require you to have insurance if your drone is above 20 kg. If your drone is below 20 kg, there is no specific requirement for insurance. However, most EASA Member States mandate third-party liability insurance also if you are operating a lighter drone.  You can find specific information on their national authority websites

Getting the right insurance

As long as the insurance policy complies with the National Aviation Authorities' requirements, you may choose the insurance/insurer that suits best your needs.

The right insurance for you depends on the drone activities you are carrying out. You should make sure that risks of such activities are covered by the insurance policy. Some policies may have exclusions for certain types of operations or flights over certain areas, so be sure to review the policy terms carefully.

And remember: your insurance will cover you only if you follow the European drones' rules  – similar to car insurance. 

Travelling with a drone

If you travel to other countries, inside the EASA Member States or beyond, make sure that your insurance covers you there as well. 

Looking for more information?

Visit the drone websites of the National Aviation Authority of the state where you plan to operate. Many of them contain useful information concerning insurance.