Predefined Risk Assessment (PDRA)

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What is a PDRA

The Predefined Risk Assessment (PDRA) is an operational scenario for which EASA has already carried out the risk assessment and has been published as an acceptable means of compliance (AMC) to the Article 11 (risk assessment) of Regulation (EU) 2019/947.

The PDRA still requires an operational authorisation from the NAA. However, the process will be much simplified. If the planned operation is covered by one of the published PDRAs, instead of carrying out the risk assessment the UAS operator can just fill the table of the PDRA, prepare the operator  manual and submit the application to the NAA of registration.  The PDRA table is in reality a sort of checklist on how to develop the procedures that needs to be contained in the operator manual.

Typical example of a PDRA

This table shows a model example of what is a PDRA and what it could contain:

Why a PDRA helps

If the operation falls within the scope of one of the published PDRAs, it allows the applicant to quickly develop the operator manual and the evidences of compliance using the PDRA table to demonstrate that the operation is safe. Also, for the NAA the review of the documentation will be simplified.

Therefore the applicant can submit to the NAA of the state of registration  a copy of the:

List of published PDRAs

  • PDRA S-01 – Agricultural works, short range cargo ops
  • PDRA S-02 - Surveillance, agricultural works, short range cargo ops
  • PDRA G-01 - Surveillance, long range cargo ops
  • PDRA G-02 - All range of opsPDRA G-03 - Linear inspections, agricultural works
  • PDRA G-03 - Linear inspections, agricultural works