NPA 2023-06

Turbine-engine endurance and initial maintenance programme testing, and substantiation of piston-engine time between overhauls or replacements

This Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) proposes to amend CS-E to modernise the applicable engine certification test requirements as follows: 

  • update the turbine-engine endurance test specifications taking into account modern turbofan-engine design characteristics; 
  • improve the level of confidence in the robustness of turbine-engine designs prior to entry into service by requiring a test to demonstrate the engine’s initial maintenance programme (IMP); 
  • ensure that EASA oversees IMP tests and benefits from the corresponding knowledge gained that can help understand the potential required corrective actions when turbine-engine continuing airworthiness issues are discovered; 
  • ensure a robust and harmonised substantiation of piston-engine time between overhauls (TBO) / time between replacements (TBR) intervals and the related maintenance programme; 
  • ensure as much as possible harmonisation with the corresponding FAA regulations and certification policies. 

The proposed regulatory material is expected to improve safety and have a positive economic impact.