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ToRs and GCs information

Agency Rulemaking Process

1 Drafting and adoption of the Rulemaking Programme 12 Months
2 Initiation of the rule development by defining the Terms of Reference 2-6 Months
3 The drafting of the rule 3-18 Months
4 Consultation phase 1-3 Months
5 Analysis of comments and final review 2-6 Months
6 Adoption and Publication 2 Months

Here you will find the full text of the terms of reference and group compositions approved according the rulemaking procedure.

According to article 3, of the EASA Rulemaking Procedure (defined by EASA Management Board Decision 01-2022) terms of references for each rulemaking task of the Agency are drawn up by the Executive Director, when a rulemaking action has been initiated.