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Certification Procedures

The Certification Directorate has decided to publish its working procedures on the Agency's website.

Important notice:

  1. The internal certification working procedures explain how EASA carries out its certification tasks internally.
  2. The procedures have been published for information purposes only.
  3. The procedures will be updated when needed and revisions will be published as soon as they are adopted.
  4. Forms (e.g. application forms) which constitute obligations to applicants are published  on a dedicated page on our website 'Application Forms'.
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Date Issue Code EASA Internal Certification Working Procedures
21/03/2022 001 WI.CERT.00151 Transfer, surrender, limitation, suspension and revocation of a product related certificate
11/02/2021 008 PR.CAP.00001 Continuing airworthiness of type design (CAP)
16/06/2020 001 WI.CERT.00146-001 CRI and CAI writing and management
15/10/2019 002 WI.CERT.00057-002 Publication of Certification Memo, Special Conditions, Equivalent Safety Findings, Deviations
08/11/2017 003 WI.CAP.00002 EASA AD writing instructions
11/05/2016 004 PR.CSERV.00002 Technical advice contract
13/01/2016 003 PR.CSERV.00003 Maintenance Review Board (MRB)
22/12/2015 004 PR.CSERV.00001 Certification Support for Validation
01/07/2015 003 PR.CAP.00008 Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) with Airworthiness Directive (AD)
01/07/2015 004 PR.CAP.00007 Safety information bulletin (SIB)
12/01/2015 003 PR.CERT.00003 European Technical Standard Order Authorisation
02/09/2013 002 PR.CERT.00001 Airworthiness of type design
15/06/2010 002 WI.CSERV.00007 Maintenance Review Board team
Displaying 13 items