NPA 2022-08

Analysis of on-ground wing contamination effect on take-off performance degradation

The objectives of this Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) are to:

  • mitigate the risks of incidents and accidents caused by airframe ground icing contamination or inadequate de-acing/anti-icing operations; and
  • align the requirements of CS-25 with the existing EASA AIR OPS regulations regarding allowed take-off with a determined level of contamination.

This NPA proposes to amend the certification specifications for large aeroplanes on the following areas:

  1. design requirements for take-off with a determined level of contamination of the aerodynamic surfaces; and
  2. criteria for the testing and selection of de-icing/anti-icing fluids for a large aeroplane type design.

This NPA does not propose the mandate of on-board systems to alert the crew of potential contamination of the wing. Within the NPA it is proposed instead to continue and reinforce safety promotions actions to raise awareness of the community on this issue.

The NPA does not propose changes to CS-23.

The proposed amendments and safety promotion actions are expected to increase safety.

This NPA takes into consideration the recommendations from rulemaking group report RMT.0118, dated 15 September 2021 (please refer to the annex to this NPA).