Application for DPO

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Our product will require certification under the new framework and our company would like to become an approved Design or Production Organisation. COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2023/1769 includes DPO.OR.A.010 which states: "An application for a design or production organisation approval shall be made in a form and manner established by the Agency". Where can I find these these forms, and how does the application process work in practice?

If a manufacturing company has several subsidiaries in several countries, is a DPO certificate expected for each of the subsidiaries or would there be a way to get an overall for the entire company?

Which cost can be expected to perform a DPO approval? (external cost, e.g. to be paid to EASA)

In order to apply for EASA acceptance of an FAA approval, does our company have to be EASA DPO approved beforehand?

In order to perform maintenance and support of equipment produced by our company and that is already is deployed in Europe, does our company need to be an approved DPO?

What about homemade ANSP equipments? Does the ANSP need to be accredited as a DPO?

If an ANSP designs and builds an integrated system, e.g. integrating software from various suppliers onto a data centre infrastructure (noting this may involve "DPO" activities, and some specifications can only be fully implemented/verified at this level) is the ANSP expected to certify as a DPO?