A-NPA 2022-05

Environmental protection requirements for supersonic transport aeroplanes

A new generation of supersonic transport (SST) aeroplanes is being developed for business jet and commercial airline applications, expected to become operational in the late 2020s. These SST aeroplanes are likely to be operated worldwide, including by European operators. As a consequence, EASA may receive applications for certification or validation of new SST aeroplane types.

This Advance Notice of Proposed Amendment (A-NPA) 2022-05 provides initial concepts for the development of environmental protection requirements for SST aeroplanes, with the objective of ensuring a high, uniform level of environmental protection in Europe in the absence of respective International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). The subjects addressed in A-NPA 2022-05 include landing-and-take-off (LTO) noise and CO2 emission certification requirements for SST aeroplanes. The proposed LTO noise limits correspond to the existing limits for subsonic jet aeroplanes, which are contained in Chapter 14 of ICAO Annex 16, Volume I. Pending ongoing work towards establishing an appropriate CO2 limit for SST aeroplanes, provisions for the standardised measurement and reporting of CO2 emissions are proposed as an interim step.

Feedback provided on this A-NPA 2022-05 will support the development of certification requirements for SST aeroplanes in subsequent rulemaking deliverables.