NPA 2023-05

Acceptable means of compliance, guidance material and detailed specifications supporting the new regulatory framework on the conformity assessment of ATM/ANS systems and ATM/ANS constituents

(RMT.0161 (SUBTASK 3) and RMT.0524 (SUBTASKS 3 AND 4))


This NPA proposes the first set of the acceptable means of compliance (AMC), guidance material (GM) and detailed specification (DSs) supporting the implementation of the conformity assessment framework for air traffic management/air navigation services systems and air traffic management/air navigation services constituents (hereafter ATM/ANS equipment) as well as the approval of organisations involved in its design and/or production.

Due to the novelty of the subject, it is important to provide the necessary means for the implementation of the above-mentioned framework as regards:

  • the certification and declaration specifications for ATM/ANS equipment; 
  • the technical requirements and administrative procedures for the organisations involved in the design and/or production of ATM/ANS equipment;
  • the common requirements on aircraft equipment and the operating procedures related to the use of the single European sky (SES) airspace;
  • the requirements for the ATM/ANS providers when introducing changes to their functional system as regards the ATM/ANS equipment;
  • the declaration specifications and AMC and GM for ATM/ANS (ground) equipment (DS-GE); and
  • the detailed specifications for ATM/ANS equipment subject to statement of compliance (DS-SoC).

This proposal is expected to facilitate the effective modernisation of the European air traffic management network (EATMN), ensuring more streamlined conformity assessment mechanisms and increased harmonisation and interoperability of ATM/ANS equipment brought to the EU market.