NPA 2021-13

Regular update of CS-E

The objective of this Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) is to address a safety recommendation involving the failure of engine fan blades, thus improving the certification of turbofan engines to better assess and mitigate the potential hazards from such failures, especially by better integrating the analysis and identification of the potential threats to the aircraft on which the engine is to be installed. The proposed amendments will therefore ensure a more robust certification process and will decrease the risk of substantial aircraft damage and fatalities.

In addition, the amendments proposed will reflect the state of the art of engine certification and improve the harmonisation of CS-E with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. To that end, this NPA proposes amendments to CS-E following the selection of non-complex, non-controversial, and mature subjects.

In particular, this NPA proposes amendments in the following areas: 

Item 1: Compressor and turbine blade failure,
Item 2: Assumptions — oil consumption,
Item 3: Instrument provisions,
Item 4: Piston engine failure analysis,
Item 5: Approval of engine use with a thrust reverser,
Item 6: Fuel specifications for compression-ignition piston engine,
Item 7: Ice protection,
Item 8: Damage tolerance of critical parts,
Item 9: Engine critical parts — Static pressure loaded parts,
Item 10: Various corrections.

The proposed amendments are expected to improve safety, would have no social or environmental impacts, and would provide economic benefits by streamlining the certification process.