NPA 2021-08

Enhanced mobility options and streamlined qualifications for air traffic controllers

This Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) proposes enhanced mobility options for instructors, assessors and student air traffic controllers (ATCOs), facilitates licensing in cases of dynamic cross-border sectorisation (e.g. FINEST project), proposes simplification of the ATCO rating and rating endorsement structure and updates the ATCO basic and rating training syllabi.

These proposed amendments contribute to responding to the recommendations of the Wise Persons Group, when calling for the revision of the current requirements governing ATCO licensing and training. They create a less fragmented qualification system and thus enable the application of more harmonised European training standards, hence allowing more flexibility in the use of the ATCO resources. Clarifications stemming from implementation feedback and alignment with Regulation (EU) 2017/373 (ATM/ANS Regulation) are also considered.

The simplified rating and rating endorsement system, as well as the guidance material on the use of the ICAO location indicator in the unit endorsement should ease the licence administration for both air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and competent authorities. The ATCO initial training will be streamlined and potentially shortened; the number of training courses reduced. Training organisations will need to update their training courses, but they will in the long term gain benefits from the more flexible use of resources, including the involvement of instructors and assessors. Competent authorities will also benefit from the alignment of the authority requirements with the ones in the ATM/ANS Regulation.

This main sub-NPA is accompanied by six sub-NPAs containing the updated initial training content.