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Notices of Proposed Amendment information

Agency Rulemaking Process

1 Drafting and adoption of the Rulemaking Programme 12 Months
2 Initiation of the rule development by defining the Terms of Reference 2-6 Months
3 The drafting of the rule 3-18 Months
4 Consultation phase 1-3 Months
5 Analysis of comments and final review 2-6 Months
6 Adoption and Publication 2 Months

Comments are welcomed by the Agency on the following Notices of Proposed Amendments (NPAs).

A Member State can request - not later than two weeks prior the expiring of the consultation deadline - an extension of the consultation period for translating the NPA at its own expenses. Such an extension may not exceed the time of 1 month in order to avoid delays in the rulemaking process.

The Agency has developed a Comment Response Tool (CRT) that will be used to automate the consultation process for Notices of Proposed Amendments (NPAs). The CRT allows users to review NPAs and place their comments.