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The EU paves the way to establish the common European drone services market

Today the European Commission, EASA and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management together with the National Authorities and industry adopted the “Amsterdam Declaration” concluding two days of lively discussions at the EASA High Level Conference on Drones.

The conference was an opportunity for EASA to discuss its proposed rules and have an exchange with the aviation community.

The Amsterdam declaration urges the European Institutions and industry to continue the good progress towards the delivery of the common European drone services market by setting seven priorities:

  • Providing support to Member States in the implementation of the European drone regulations;
  • Developing, in close cooperation with Member States and all stakeholders, an institutional framework for a competitive U-space services market and how drones need to be operated in the Single European Sky;
  • Developing European product standards for drones and of other standards to meet the European performance requirements taking into account the global dimension;
  • Supporting cities in their efforts to provide a fertile ground for innovative multimodal solutions integrating the 3rd dimension into their urban planning processes;
  • Developing communication and promotion material for information campaigns to all drone users and other actors involved in drone operations such as local authorities;
  • Further enhancing the European U-space Demonstrator Network to speed up the opening of the drone services network;
  • Investing in the necessary research and development activities that are a key enabler for the growth of safe, secure and green drone operations in Europe.