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International Air Safety & Climate Change Conference (IASCC) 2010

Effects of Climate and Atmospheric Change on Aviation Safety

The International Air Safety & Climate Change Conference (IASCC) will enable the international aviation community to meet face to face and discuss key safety issues. The conference offers an impressive range of speakers and panellists who will offer their perspective on the issues.



Although many are seeking a more sustainable aviation system, until now less attention has been given to the potential impact of climate change on commercial aviation safety. Significant incidents have occurred in environments that have exceeded aircraft specifications. This year has been of particular concern as aircraft operators have encountered the effects of volcanic ash in the atmosphere. It is clear that extreme weather conditions continue to present a hazard to aviation and by exploring the topics of severe icing, strong winds and extremes in temperature, mitigation and implementation measures can be sought. This is why, in Cologne on 8 - 9 September, the European Aviation Safety Agency is hosting this international conference on the potential impact of climate change on aviation safety.




Industry, associations, national and international government agencies and research institutions are invited to participate. The objective of the conference and its workshops will be, as a first step, to raise awareness of the issue and outline an action plan. It will provide a new forum to identify risks and work towards effective safety measures.




The issue is a global one and international cooperation is essential. Europe, through EASA will report to ICAO on the outcome of the conference and any resulting recommendations.