How do EASA member state organisations apply for a validation of ETSO authorizations in a third country?

An ETSOA can be validated in a third country provided there is a bilateral agreement or working arrangement in place; see the list published here.  Applications should be made through EASA Form 41. Based on the bilateral agreement, EASA will carry out the technical investigation on behalf of the foreign authority. EASA will provide you with a quote on how many hours would be needed to perform this technical investigation.

Please note that some foreign authorities have special policies regarding validations. The applicable technical documents should be provided in electronic format (no paper), also for FAA validations. Please submit your technical data to the ETSOA mail box (etsoa [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu) and copy the responsible PCM. Files larger than 10 MB should be submitted via EASA filebox,

(Please copy the PCM and etsoa [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu).


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What is TSOA/ETSOA reciprocal acceptance?

After 2nd March 2016 (issue date of TIP Rev 5, later on replaced by TIP Rev 6 issued on 22nd September 2017), the TSOA/ETSOA reciprocal acceptance is the process by which the importing authority will accept the exporting authority’s approval of a TSO article without the importing authority issuing an approval. In plain language, this means the FAA will accept an EASA ETSOA for an article from the European Union (EU) and the FAA will no longer issue a Letter of TSO Design Approval (LODA). Likewise, EASA will accept the FAA’s TSOA for an article from the United States without issuing an ETSOA.

New validation requests will not be accepted.

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