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Update of EU & USA Technical Implementation Procedures (TIP)

In the frame of the Bilateral Agreement for Safety of Aviation Safety between the EU and USA, an amendment of the Technical Implementation Procedures (TIP) for Airworthiness and Environmental Certification has been signed by the EASA & FAA Certification Directors on Friday 24th March.

This amendment introduces the validation process for Operational Suitability Data (OSD) . A US applicant will apply to FAA for the approval of OSD by EASA.

OSD means the suite of data required to be established by aircraft manufacturers under EASA Part 21 that is considered important for the safe operation of the aircraft type. The data consists of 5 elements:

(i)            Minimum Syllabus of pilot type rating training;
(ii)           Aircraft Reference data to support the qualification of simulators;
(iii)          Minimum Syllabus of maintenance certifying staff type rating training;
(iv)         Type-Specific data for cabin crew training; and
(v)          Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL).

The amendment also address the reciprocal acceptance of Maintenance Review/Type Board Reports. A report approved by EASA for a European applicant will be accepted by FAA without further involvement.

This amendment is applicable to all application filed after 24 March 2017.

The BASA US/TIP on-line training available on EASA website at has been amended accordingly.