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I am a US applicant, what are the benefits of the recent TIP revision 6?


Please note that TIP revision 6 has been published, please click here

This Revision of the TIP is the first milestone of the implementation of the validation improvement roadmap signed between EASA and FAA in February 2016. All design changes now have common approval path:

  • Accepted (The approval or certificate issued by the certifying authority are automatically accepted by the validating authority)
  • Streamlined validation (Basic) (The validating authority issues its certificate on the basis of the certificate issued by the certifying authority without technical involvement)
  • Technical Validation (non-Basic) (The technical validation is performed by the validating authority according to a work plan focused on safety emphasis items)

This revision extends to all repair design their acceptance by the validating authority, removes the last restrictions to the acceptance of ETSO/TSO approvals and introduces the concept of Basic Type Certificates (limited to piston engines and propellers). It will enter into force 6 months after its signature on 22 September 2017 in order to train EASA and FAA personnel.


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