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EASA publishes practical scenarios to support the Return to Normal Operations for air operators

Following the publication of guidelines on the importance of resilient air operators' management systems in the COVID-19 recovery phase, EASA has complemented the approach by publishing two practical scenarios.

The first practical scenario addresses a legacy or low cost operator restarting its activity; the second one addresses a charter operator. 

A third scenario, which will address “business operators”, will be ready by end of July 2020.

All scenarios were agreed with a task force composed of representatives of EASA, authorities and airlines.

The practical scenarios support the air operators to develop their comprehensive risk assessments to restart operations and monitor the assurance of safety by providing information on possible hazards, threats and consequences and by suggesting mitigation measures in different areas of the organisation (Operations, Training, Maintenance, Operation Control Centre and Ground).

While the practical scenarios are air operator-centric, some proposed elements can be applied to other domains as they practically address some safety issues outlined in the Agency COVID-19 Risk Portfolio, such as the consequences of financial distress or the importance of management systems talking to each other.