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Aircraft Noise and Performance (ANP) Data now includes A320-270N / PW1100G-JM data

The activities of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency in the environmental protection domain also include the reduction of noise. To support this we collect and verify aircraft noise and performance data. This information has now been expanded to include the data for Airbus A320-270N / PW1100G-JM.

This data is provided to support the computation of noise contours around airports and is available for:

  • any competent authority, aircraft operator, air navigation service provider and airport operator as described in Article 7(6) of Regulation (EU) No 598/2014;
  • other parties that can demonstrate a need for modelling purposes in accordance with Article 7(3) of Regulation (EU) No 598/2014.

You can request access this data via the ANP Data request form.