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How should an STC holder handle TC holder (TCH) MMEL rework to remove TGL26 "As required by regulation" impacting the CS-MMEL?


Items covered in the TCH MMEL reflect the configuration installed on the aircraft by the TCH and may be updated through revisions process. In particular, to retain the level of relief on some items previously indicated as “As required by regulations” in the JAA/EASA MMELs, TCH have updated their OSD MMEL.
GM to ORO.MLR.105 indicates the Operators are allowed to use the CS-MMEL guidance only if no OSD MMEL exists for the aircraft type. Should the level of relief not be applicable to the STC installation applied for approval to EASA after 19 December 2016, the STC holder should address the necessary changes to the OSD MMEL through a supplement creation or update

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