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Understanding the ‘open’ category

How do I determine I fall under the ‘open’ category?

I fall under the ‘open’ category, how do I determine which subcategory I can fly under?

Requirements under the ‘open’ category

What are the requirements under the subcategories of the ‘open’ category?

Training requirements in the 'open' category

Are all remote pilots required to train to fly a drone?

Who issues the remote pilot competency certificate for the 'open' category and how long is it valid for?

Will the competency certificate for the 'open' category be recognised throughout Europe?

Operational authorisation requirements ‘open’ category

Do I need to obtain an authorisation before flying my drone? ('open' category)

Responsibilities for drone operators and remote pilots in the ‘open’ category

What are my responsibilities as a drone operator in the 'open' category?

What are my responsibilities as a remote pilot in the 'open' category?

Drones without class identification label ’open’ category

I fall under the 'open' category will I be able to fly my old drone after 31 December 2020 ?

Under the 'open' category do I still need training, given that I was flying drones before the rules became applicable?

I am into drone racing and/or flying drones with goggles (FPV) ‘open’ category

As a drone racer, which category and subcategory of operation do I fall under?

Is flying with goggles (first person view) authorised in the 'open' category?

Are spectators allowed in the 'open' category?

I build my own drones (privately built) ‘open’ category

Does my drone fall under the 'open' category?

I plan to provide services (commercial and other) with drones ‘open’ category

How do I determine which category I can operate under, ‘open’ or ’specific’?

What is meant by the requirement for Operational procedures?

I am a non-EU visitor / drone operator ‘open’ category

I am a Non-EU resident visiting Europe and I plan to fly my drone in the 'open' category, do I need to register?

As a non-EU resident, are my competencies for the 'open' category recognised in the EU?