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I am a Non-EU resident visiting Europe and I plan to fly my drone in the 'open' category, do I need to register?


All drone operations conducted in the EASA Member States must comply with the Drone Regulation,  no matter what the nationality of the operator or remote pilot is. Therefore, as a non-EU resident, you are also required to register with the National Aviation Authority of the first EU country where you intend to operate.

You will then be issued with a ‘drone operator registration number’ that needs to be displayed with a sticker on all the drones you own. You must also upload it into the ‘remote identification system’ of your drone(s). 

Once registered in the host country, the drone operator’s registration will be valid across Europe and the operator will be required to follow all the provisions of the Drone Regulation.

If you intend to operate in the ’specific’ category, you must submit a declaration for a standard scenario or apply for an operational authorisation to the National Aviation Authority of the EU Member State(s) where you registered. 

If you want to conduct operations in a Member State different from the one in which you registered, you need to follow the same procedure as all other national citizens of the Member State where you registered. Refer to question ‘I plan to provide services (commercial and other) with drone(s)‘.

Regulatory reference: Art.41 (1) and (2) of EU regulation 2019/945.

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