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I bought a DJI Mini (weight 249g) how can I operate it?


DJI Mini is a drone with a weight of 249g, has a camera and it is not a toy (meaning that it does not comply with the toy directive). Therefore, the following actions have to be taken in order to comply with Regulation (EU) 2019/947:

  • As a drone operator/owner, you must register yourself with the National Aviation Authority (NAA) of the Member State you reside in.
  • Once registered, you receive a ‘drone operator registration number’ that needs to be displayed with a sticker on all the drones you own, including those privately built. You must also upload it into the ‘Drone’s remote identification system’, If the drone has this function;
  • When operating the drone, always comply with the A1 sub-category requirements.

A remote pilot training certificate is not needed to operate a drone of this kind, however is highly recommended to conduct the A1/A3 online training. Moreover, most of EASA Member States mandate a third party insurance. Please consult the national regulation for further information about the insurance for drones. For further inquiries related to the operations in the A1 sub-category and in the Open category in general, please consult our related FAQs

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