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I fall under the ‘open’ category, how do I determine which subcategory I can fly under?


The Subcategory is determined either by:

  • the label showing the  class identification label (0, 1, 2, 3 or 4), affixed to your drone; or
  • the weight of your drone, for a privately built drone or for a drone without  class identification label (called legacy drones); 

Caveat: in order to facilitate the transition, drones without class identification labels may fly until 1st of January 2023 according to the requirements defined in article 22 of EU regulation 2019/947 (please refer to  FAQ  on flying without CE Class Markings for additional information). 

Applying the instructions above, please refer to the table below to determine the subcategory you must fly under. For instance, drones with CE class 2 marks  canmarks can be only be flown under subcategory A2 (close to people) or A3 (far from people).  

Class identification

Please consider that your state may publish geographical zones that may restrict the use of your drone.

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