EASA Part-145 organisations located in the USA

EASA Part-145 organisations located in the United States are subject to the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) and Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG).

Working procedures

The Part-145 - US organisation working procedures are available for download under:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What parts of the EASA Form 9 needs to be completed during an Amendment for a name change?

The FSDO will complete Part 1 and Part 4 of EASA Form 9 for an Amendment due to a name or address change. This requirement will be reflected in the next revision to the MAG Section B III.

Contacts for Part-145 Approvals located in the USA Inquiries relating to the Agency's Continuing Airworthiness Organisation Approvals should be addressed to:

  • foreign145 [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu (Technical issues),
  • query [dot] feesandcharges [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu (Fees & Charges issues)
  • finance [dot] helpdesk [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu (Invoice issues)
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