Application Forms

EASA remains operational despite the CoViD-19 crisis, however many of our staff are teleworking to protect their health and limit the spread of the disease. 

We are giving high priority to the issuance of certificates/approvals and the handling of applications for the approval of flight conditions. Unfortunately, a delay in the processing of other incoming applications may be unavoidable. We ask for your patience in these difficult times. 

Applicant Services and Applicant Portal
Date Title Code
31/03/2020 EASA Portal Registration Form FO.APMAN.00127 view
30/03/2020 Request for cancellation, interruption or re-activation of an application FO.APMAN.00143 view
25/09/2017 Applicant Data Registration/Modification Request FO.APMAN.00026 view
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ATM/ANS Organisations Approvals
Date Title Code
02/04/2020 Application for ATCO Training Organisation Approval FO.AOA.00006 view
01/04/2020 Application for ATM/ANS Service Provider Organisation Approval FO.AOA.00002 view
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Authorisation for Third Country Operators
Date Title Code
05/06/2018 Third Country Operator One-off notification FO.TCO.00168 view
27/10/2014 Application for Third Country Operator Authorisation (TCO Authorisation) FO.TCO.00160 view
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Date Title Code
08/04/2020 Application for Type Certificate/Restricted Type Certificate FO.CERT.00030 view
08/04/2020 Application for Approval of Major Change/Major Repair Design FO.CERT.00031 view
08/04/2020 Application for Approval of Minor Change/Minor Repair Design FO.CERT.00032 view
08/04/2020 Application for Approval of Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) with Airworthiness Directive (AD) FO.CAP.00042 view
08/04/2020 Application for Approval of Supplemental Type Certificate FO.CERT.00033 view
08/04/2020 Application for European Technical Standard Order (ETSOA) FO.CERT.00034 view
31/03/2020 Application for Operations Evaluation Board (OEB) evaluation FO.CSERV.00194 view
30/03/2020 Contract for certification support for validation of EASA certificates and other Third Country approval activities FO.CSERV.00041 view
21/02/2020 Application for Approval of Maintenance Review Board (MRB) or Maintenance Type Board (MTB) process based Reports, Supplements and revisions thereto FO.CSERV.00040 view
21/02/2020 Application for Approval of Flight Conditions for a Permit to Fly FO.CERT.00037 view
21/02/2020 Application for EASA validation of FAA Supplemental Type Certificate classified as Basic and limited to one serial number FO.CERT.00134 view
17/11/2015 Application for Approval of Stand-Alone or Minor Change* related revision of Flight Manual (FM) FO.CERT.00036 view
17/10/2014 Application for Transfer of Certificate FO.CERT.00038 view
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Design Organisations
Date Title Code
05/03/2015 Application for Significant Changes to Design Organisation Approval (DOA) FO.DOA.00082 view
05/03/2015 Application for Design Organisation Approval (DOA) FO.DOA.00080 view
05/03/2015 Application for Alternative Procedure to Design Organisation Approval (DOA) FO.DOA.00081 view
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Flight Simulation training Devices (FSTD)
Date Title Code
02/04/2020 Activities related to CHANGES to FSTD / Organisation operating FSTD FO.FCTOA.00134 view
30/03/2020 FSTD Modification Information Sheet FO.FCTOA.00007 view
14/02/2020 Application for INITIAL activities related to Flight Simulation Training Devices FO.FCTOA.00129 view
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Maintenance Organisations
Date Title Code
20/04/2020 EASA Form 2 – Application for Part-145 and Part-CAO/Part-CAMO Approval FO.CAO.00155 view
15/04/2020 EASA Form 12 – Application for Part-147 approval FO.CAO.00012 view
18/11/2019 FAA Recommendation EASA Form 9 view
18/11/2019 EASA US Part-145 Approvals EASA Form 16 view
17/06/2019 Details of Management Personnel EASA Form 4 view
11/07/2015 EASA Brazil Part-145 Approvals EASA Form 18 view
29/03/2014 EASA Canada Part-145 Approvals EASA Form 17 view
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Pilot Training Organisations and Aero-Medical Centres Organisations Approvals
Date Title Code
16/05/2017 ATO nominated person change notification FO.FCTOA.00067 view
30/10/2014 Application for a Part-ORA ATO Approval (Pilot Training Organisations) FO.FCTOA.00010 view
30/09/2014 Application for a Part-ORA Aero-Medical Centre Approval FO.FCTOA.00015 view
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Production Organisations
Date Title Code
14/02/2020 EASA Form 50 – Application for Part 21 Production Organisation Approval FO.POA.00161 view
01/10/2019 Application for Export Certificate of Airworthiness for Newly Manufactured Aircraft EASA Form 29 view
10/04/2019 Details of Management Personnel EASA Form 4-POA view
05/03/2019 Application for significant changes or variation of scope and terms of Part 21 POA EASA Form 51 view
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SAFA Training Organisations
Date Title Code
18/11/2014 Application for a contract to cover verification of compliance and continuous compliance of RITO FO.SAFAP.00012 view
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Technical training
Date Title Code
18/02/2020 Application for EASA Technical Training FO.TT.00132 view
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