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Area 100 KSA Workshop (follow-up)

03/09/2019 - 04/09/2019

Following the successful Area 100 KSA Workshop held in late June 2018, our stakeholders requested a follow-up event in 2019 in order that the Agency can continue to direct and provide support and guidance to Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) and National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) as they implement this new concept in theoretical knowledge training. Area 100 KSA will firmly embed competency-based training and assessment in ground school, creating an effective bridge between the theoretical and flying elements of a professional pilot’s training course. Through detailed technical presentations, and question and answer discussion sessions, those attending this new event will gain further insight into how to effectively implement Area 100 KSA. With this event falling eighteen months into the transition period for implementation, defined in ED Decision 2018/001/R, lessons learned from early experiences with the introduction can be explored, as well as informed discussion as the concept matures.

Registration fee
The registration fee for the event is €160. Registration will close on 20/08/2019.

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