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Which costs are related to an ETSO application/authorization?


The Fees & Charges of EASA are determined by Commission Regulation (EU) 319/2014);

Please consider Article 1 to 14 which are relevant to all kinds of fees & charges. The relevant sections for ETSO applications / authorizations in the Annex are:

Part I, table 1: flat fee for new applications (incl. major changes). The flat fee covers a period of 12 months. If the product cannot be certified within 12 months EASA will issue another invoice covering the additional days until the date of approval; see Annex, explanatory note (3).

The current fees (March 2014) are:

  • Product value > 20.000 €               flat fee 8.780 €
  • Product value 2.000 – 20.000 €    flat fee 5.020 €
  • Product value < 2.000 €                 flat fee 2.910 €

Part I, table 2 for derivatives. Only applicable to APUs.

Part I, table 6 for annual fee. Annual fee is only charged when the certified ETSO article is installed or used in more than 50 aircraft OR continued airworthiness activities have been carried out for the ETSO article. Approval holders are asked by EASA once a year to provide an update on their articles regarding the value of the product and the number of installations. The annual fee for articles in the same value category is reduced as specified in the lower section of table 6. Continued airworthiness activities are charged on an hourly basis. Approval holders of non-EU design pay a reduced annual fee.

Part II, point 1 for hourly fee. The current hourly rate (March 2014) is  233 €.

The tasks which are charged on an hourly basis are also listed here. For certification articles the following options could be relevant: validation support, transfer of certificates (i. e. due to transfer of ownership) and administrative re-issuance of documents (i. e. minor changes that require a revision of the certificate.)

Part IV, annual inflation rate: All fees & charges are adapted annually.

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