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Regulations on UAS (drone) explained

What are the applicability dates under EU regulation 2019/947 and 2019/945?

Who is a drone operator

Types of drone the Regulation refers to

When is a drone considered to be a toy?

What is the difference between autonomous and automatic drone?

Who is an ‘uninvolved person’?

What is an ‘assembly of people’?

What is covered by the regulations?

Is it possible for an EASA Member State (MS) to maintain its national drone regulation in parallel with the new European drone legislation?

Are the UK issued certificates for unmanned aircraft system, including training of remote pilot, accepted in EU after December 31, 2020?

Registration requirements

Do I need to register my drone?

What happens once I register?

Will my registration as drone operator be recognised throughout Europe?

I fly model aircraft

How can I fly my model?

Once in the air

Can I fly my drone anywhere I want to?

Can I fly over people?

How high can I fly my drone?

Geographical zones (where I can fly)

How do I know if can fly in a location?

Other requirements

Is there a minimum age to fly a drone?

Do I need insurance?

Are there any Brexit related regulations?