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What is covered by the regulations?


These EU Regulations adopt a risk-based approach, and as such, do not distinguish between leisure or commercial activities. They take into account the weight and specifications of the drone and the operation it is intended to undertake.

The Regulations cater for drones sold on the market, meaning:

     1. when operating in the ’open’ category:

  • i.  those that will bear a class identification label (according to Regulation (EU) 2019/945) ranging from 0 to 6 from lighter to heavier models; or
  • ii.  those privately built; or
  • iii. those placed on the market before 1 July 2022.

     2. when operating in the ’specific’ category, all drones falling under this category including those without a  class identification label.

EU Regulation 2019/947 caters for most types of operation and their levels of risk. It does so through three categories of operations: the ‘open’, ‘specific’ and ‘certified’ categories. 

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