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Initial Airworthiness

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Can manufacturers of raw materials obtain a Production Organisation Approval (POA) under Part 21 Subpart G?

How to use information and communication technologies for performing remote audits on to DOA, LoA/POA, AMO, CAMO, CAO and AMTO holders?

How to remotely conduct in real-time tasks for the issuance of an ‘EASA Form 1’ for prototype and new produced parts, appliances, and products other than complete aircraft, using information and communication technologies (ICT)?

EASA STC’s being presented for approval when the pre-mod configuration is not EASA approved. What are EASA changes embedded in Non-EASA approved design?

Design Approval: FAA Supplementary Type Certificates (STC) approved by National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) before 28-09-03 are deemed to be approved by EASA. If the NAA has limited the approval in scope compared to the original FAA STC such that it does not cover all the models, how can we apply for an extension of the scope?

According to point 21.A.95(c), minor changes to a type-certificate can be approved using Certifications Specifications which became applicable after those incorporated by reference in the type-certificate, provided that they do not affect the demonstration of compliance. Could you please clarify under which conditions the demonstration of compliance is not affected?

Why and how must Parts and Appliances be marked, when are the letters EPA required, and which exceptions are acceptable?

Should parts fabricated under a maintenance approval (Part 145) be marked with an EPA (European Part Approval) marking in accordance with Part 21A.804(a)(3)?

How can I find one particular AMC-20 in the published AMC-20 amendments?

Regulation (EU) 2021/699 introduced point 21.A.101(h) that refers, among others, to point 26.320 of Regulation (EU) 2015/640 but this point is not present in the said regulation. Could you please clarify? (IA)

What is the mandate of the Agency for Environmental issues? What does the Agency concretely do?

What is the definition of "Critical parts"?

Can "Field Loadable Software" be delivered with an EASA Form 1 and is an EASA Form 1 required for installation?

From 18 May 2022, a new requirement 21.A.307 becomes applicable (refer to Regulation (EU) 2021/699). This means that certain new parts do not require an EASA Form 1 for installation during maintenance. What are the implications of these regulatory changes, especially for General Aviation? Are ‘standard parts’ and ‘owner-accepted-parts (former 21.A.307(c)-parts’) impacted?