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How can I fly my model?


Model flyers have the following options to conduct their operations: 

 (a) (a)    They may operate as members of a model club or association that has received from the competent authority an authorisation, as defined in Article 16 of the UAS Regulation. In this case, they should comply with the procedures of the model club or association in accordance with the authorisation. The authorisation will define all the conditions to operate, and may deviate from the Regulation (for example it may allow operations with drones exceeding 25 kg, or flying higher than 120 m etc). Member States may enable model aircraft clubs and associations to register their members in the registration systems established in accordance with Article 14 on their behalf. If this is not the case, the members of model aircraft clubs and associations shall register themselves in accordance with Article 14.

(b) (b)    If a person does not want to become a member of a club or association, they may use the special geographical zones defined by EASA Member States, in accordance with Article 15(2) of the UAS Regulation, where drones and model aircraft are exempted from certain technical requirements, and/or where the operational limitations are extended, including the mass or height limitations.  

(c) Lastly, models may be operated in subcategory A3. Please refer to the FAQ 

Regulatory reference: Art.16 of EU regulation 2019/947.

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