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How will the EWIS/EZAP assessment affect minor modifications and repairs for TCs/STCs and if the requirements are found to be applicable would this affect their classification (e.g. minor becomes major)?


Applicability to changes for TCs/STCs is addressed in Question “Are these requirements applicable to any major design change or only to significant or substantial change where the latest requirements must be considered (according to Part 21A.101)?”

By principle, the classification of the change is driven by Part 21A.91. The fact that EWIS ICA may be revised is not in itself a driver for the classification. 

It must be noted that for FAR Part 26 compliance, the FAA requires that if the change needs a revision to the previously developed and approved EWIS ICA, then the revised EWIS ICA must be submitted to the foreign CAA (for non-US products) for approval, independently of the minor/major change classification.

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