ED Decision 2016/028/R

Lead flight test engineer licence

With Advance Notice of Proposed Amendment (A-NPA) 2013-16, EASA consulted its stakeholders about the need for a lead flight test engineer (LFTE) licence. The related Comment-Response Document (CRD) 2013-16 contains a summary of the outcome of the A-NPA public consultation, and is published as an Appendix to ED Decision 2016/028/R.

Based on the evaluation of the comments by the A-NPA 2013-16 Review Group, and based on further evaluation of the arguments provided by stakeholders, EASA decided not to create a European licencing system for LFTEs.

However, a national licensing scheme may be required by national law for activities related to Annex II aircraft or other national reasons. In this case, holding such national licences could be considered as ensuring compliance with the LFTE competency requirements of Annex I (Part 21) and may therefore be an alternative means of showing compliance with those requirements. It is, therefore, EASA’s intention to develop the appropriate AMC to Annex I (Part 21) through RMT.0031 ‘Regular update of AMC/GM to Part 21’.

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