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How to behave on board of the aircraft

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If a passenger on board shows COVID-19 symptoms

My travel partner/ my relative shows some symptoms, what should we do?

There was a suspected case in my airplane, will the aircraft be disinfected?

What will happen if I start feeling unwell during the flight?

Will passengers that show symptoms be isolated on board?

What happens if someone near me on the flight is taken ill?

Are there special procedures in place on board the aircraft to prevent spread of the virus?

Will in-flight food and drink services be available?

Will alcohol be served on board?

What happens in case of emergency?

Can I use the lavatories on board?

How is air recirculated in the cabin and is it safe?

Can we still buy duty free items on-board?

Can I move freely in the airplane?

What happens if a passenger “misbehaves” or doesn’t want to follow the rules?

Can I still buy food and drinks on board?

I forgot to take an additional medical face mask and the one I am wearing is wet. What should I do?

What seating arrangements will be in place to ensure physical distancing?