C.2 - Design Organisation Approval (DOA) and Alternative Procedure for Design Organisation Approval (AP DOA)

C.2.1.1 - Which application form should I use for approval of Design Organisation services?

All application forms are available from the Application forms page.


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C.2.1.3 - How can I calculate the number of staff for my Design Organisation?

The number of staff should be calculated as follows: 
For all sites involved in design and certification activities under the approval: 
All staff involved in:

  • Managing the design organisation;
  • Drawing, calculating, testing, simulating;
  • Producing and verifying compliance documentation;
  • Performing airworthiness office tasks; System monitoring.

In addition, for Design subcontractors, the following staff should be counted:

  • All staff involved in producing compliance documents;
  • All staff involved in verifying compliance documents;
  • All staff involved in airworthiness office tasks;
  • All staff involved in system monitoring.

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C.2.2 - What do I have to pay for changes to my AP DOA?

For changes to AP DOA the hourly fee is applicable as set out in Part II (1),
(reference: footnote (1) of table 1 in Part II of the Annex to Regulation (EU) 319/2014)


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C.2.1.2 - How can I determine the amount of the fee applicable to my Design Organisation?

The fee depends on two elements:

  • the type of activity for which a DOA is applied.
  • the number of staff related to the activities under the scope of the agreement.

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