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Workshop on Area 100 Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes: theoretical knowledge courses for the ATPL, MPL and CPL (aeroplanes / helicopters)

Date and time
Day 1, 27/06/2018, 09:00 - 16:30
Day 2, 28/06/2018, 09:00 - 16:30

Registration closed for this event.

Substitutions and cancellations can be made until Friday 15/06/2018. Please notify us as soon as possible by writing to olga.rando [at]
Cancellations of an accepted registration must be made in writing to olga.rando [at] and will incur a 25% non-refundable administrative fee per cancelled registration.
Registered participants who fail to attend without prior notice or those who requested a cancellation after the deadline are liable for the full attendance fee.
Refunds of fees will be made after the workshop.
The attendance fee will not be prorated should delegates not attend the entire conference.

Description of event
The Agency is organising a workshop on theoretical knowledge courses for the ATPL(A), ATPL (H/IR), ATPL(H), CPL(A) and CPL(H) licences. It is to support implementing the new Are 100 Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes that is introduced with ED Decision 2018/001/R. The workshop represents a unique opportunity for ATOs and NAAs to gain a better understanding into the expectations of the applicable AMCs and GM published in ED Decision 2018/001/R. With this event EASA is providing support to both groups of stakeholders with the implementation of this new concept in theoretical knowledge training. Through detailed technical presentations and question and answer discussion session those attending will gain an insight into how to effectively implement Area 100 KSA.

Area 100 KSA ensures the appropriate integration of various topics from across the theoretical knowledge course while also developing students’ core competencies during this training. Therefore, it should be regarded as a concept underlying the whole theoretical knowledge training system — it is a training philosophy and not simply a new subject. This is an area which will be holistically integrated into and throughout the entire training syllabus, and is expected to prepare future pilots not only for the moment of examination, but also for their future career. Area 100 KSA learning objectives are grouped by the appropriate ICAO core competencies, with the extra addition of ‘knowledge’. The inclusion of these LOs does not affect the examination system based on the ECQB, because they are not included in the final theoretical knowledge examinations conducted by the competent authorities. However, ATOs will assess a student pilot’s ability in each of the Area 100 KSA LOs before they sit their final theoretical knowledge examination.