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Evidence Based Training Webinar

Online event

Date & time
29/06/2021, 13:30-16:30 CET (UTC +2)

Register to the EASA EBT webinar where the EASA, Authority and industry experts present the new EASA EBT regulation and the process to approve the first two airlines under such regulation (Iberia and Air France).

The new regulatory framework includes the revalidation of licence based on competencies in accordance with Appendix 10.

EBT Webminar Evidence Based Training.

We would like to introduce the following Agenda:

13:30 Centra European Time (CET) (11:30GMT) start

1.    Welcome and Introductions (EASA management) (10 minutes)
2.    EASA presentation (30 minutes)
3.    Feedback (10 minutes)

Coffee break (10 minutes) Remind people to add questions.

4.    DGAC France and Air France Presentation (20 minutes)
5.    AESA Spain presentation (10 minutes)
6.    Iberia presentation (10 minutes) 

Coffee break (10 minutes)

7.    Interactive session with the presenters and audience managed by NLR (1h).
8.    Closing and next steps in safety promotion (10 minutes).
16:30 CET (14:30GMT)

Francisco Arenas Alvariño EASA EBT Project leader and Ascanio Russo EASA EBT expert.
Ignacio Gallego EBT manager Iberia
Fabien LAIGNEL Crew training safety manager Air France
Pascal Foncelle Flight inspector at DGAC France.
Silvia Troncoso and Amelia Abadia from AESA Spain.

Followed by a discussion panel with the presenters above and Andy Mitchell representing the ATPG and moderated by Frederik Mohrmann from NLR - Netherlands Aerospace Centre.

EBT webinar