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What do I do if I encounter technical problems while submitting an application via the eRecruitment tool?


Please note that eRecruitment tool does not support all features of all Internet browsers. If you experience problems we suggest you try another 
browser. Should you encounter a technical problem while trying to submit an application via the eRecrutiment tool, please try to submit the application one more time. If the problem persists you are advised to try the following: first check your Internet security levels in “Tools” then “Internet Options” and if this security option is too high, put it on “medium”. Should you face a problem with the login, please first try the “Forgot my password” option to reset the password. 
If the error message appears again the applicant is responsible to notify EASA as soon as possible, by sending an e-mail to the recruit [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu and by providing a screenshot of the error message.

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