Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)

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Where can I find a list of Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) approved by EASA?

Why can't I find an STC on the EASA STC List?

What are grandfathered approvals?

How do I know whether an FAA / TCCA STC has been validated by EASA?

How can I know if an STC is still valid? How can I know if an STC has been revoked, suspended or surrendered?

I am an EU aircraft owner/operator and would like to apply for validation of an FAA STC installed on my aircraft?

What is the procedure for validations of FAA STCs classified as basic?

Am I eligible to apply for an STC?

Who do I contact to request a copy of a grandfathered STC?

I would like to submit an application for validation of an FAA or TCCA STC as an agent and I am not the STC holder.

Can a DOA with low STC activity decide not to implement LOI processes and continue to operate as before?

If there is an automatic validation of (E)TSO/STC, will there still be an EASA reference and FAA reference for the same modification?

Is there a Part 21 Light (DOA\POA) for STC holders for production of low volume STC and limited failure effects (non HAZ/CAT) planned (not only for GA)?

Regarding the abandoned and surrendered STCs, will EASA follow the same guidelines as FAA 8110-120, especially regarding the requirements for Freedom Of Information Act FOIA?

On EASA STC certificates, the following statement “or later revisions of the above listed documents approved by EASA.” is below the list of “Associated Technical Documentation”. Are documents approved afterwards using a DOA privilege (e.g. minor change approval) covered by that statement?

How do I know whether an STC has been grandfathered?