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Is there a Part 21 Light (DOA\POA) for STC holders for production of low volume STC and limited failure effects (non HAZ/CAT) planned (not only for GA)?


Yes, see rulemaking task (RMT).0018 (former task number 21.026). The “Part 21 light” concept is a concept related to the GA Roadmap Project and as such will be applicable only to the low-end General Aviation. The question seems related to STC applicable to all products, but considered as simple. This can be addressed today in the context of the actual regulation. The scope of the DOA can be limited to this kind of activity, and the limited scope would lead to a simplified investigation and surveillance activities. Furthermore, the concept of Level of Involvement (LOI) could allow the product certification team to reduce their level of involvement if the level of criticality is low and if the DOA is performing well.

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