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How do I know whether an FAA / TCCA STC has been validated by EASA?


An STC can be considered to be EASA approved if it satisfies one of the following conditions: 

- It has been validated by EASA after 28 September 2003 (ref. EU Regulation No 748/2012, Article 4). 

In this case, the corresponding validated STC should be published on the EASA website.

- It has been validated by an EASA Member State before 28 September 2003. 

In order to verify whether a foreign STC can be considered EASA approved, we suggest that you contact the STC holder. 

Should you require EASA validation of a foreign STC which does not fulfil any of the two conditions above, please request the STC holder to apply. 

You may apply for your own STC but need to prove eligibility by demonstrating capability in accordance with 21.A.112B, i.e. by holding a Design Organisation Approval (DOA) or Alternative Procedures to Design Organisation Approval (APDOA), or in the case of products referred to in point 21.A.14(c) by obtaining the EASA's acceptance of your certification programme, if you are an EASA Member State applicant.
Alternatively, you may contact a DOA of your choice. 

Non-EASA Member State applicants do not need to demonstrate part 21 eligibility if a bilateral agreement/working arrangement is in force.


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