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I am an EU aircraft owner/operator and would like to apply for validation of an FAA STC installed on my aircraft?


EASA has put a new procedure in place to allow EASA member state aircraft owners/operators to apply for the validation of an FAA STC for a single aircraft serial number if certain conditions are met.

The scope of fixed wing aircraft to which this process can be applied is limited to:

  • Small Aeroplanes ≤ 5 700 kg MTOW
  • Very Light Aeroplane
  • Light Sport Aeroplane
  • (Powered) Sailplanes

The applicant is required to submit an application form for EASA validation of FAA Supplemental Type Certificate classified as Basic and limited to one serial number(FO.CERT.00134) and to  declare that the below conditions are met:

  • FAA STC has been installed for a long time with no known continuing airworthiness issues;
  • FAA STC holder either not able or not willing to apply for EASA validation;
  • A checks against the latest EASA-FAA Technical Implementation Procedures (TIP) provisions confirmed that the FAA STC is classified as “Basic”;
  • Confirmation that the applicant has access to design data and instructions for operations and continued airworthiness;
  • Acknowledgement of the applicant’s obligations as Holder of the STC in accordance with Part 21, point 21.A.118A

Please note that High Performance Aircraft and any change impacting noise requirements are excluded from this process and is valid only for Fixed Wing aircraft STCs.

The subsequent validation will be limited to a single aircraft serial number to allow the aircraft to be imported and to be issued a Certificate of Airworthiness. This validation is not transferrable to or amendable with another serial number.

EASA will charge this activity in accordance with Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/2153 and the applicable fee is set at one working hour per application.

Download application form FO.CERT.00134 - Application for validation of FAA STC classified as Basic and limited to one s/n

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